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KTET Category 3 Question Papers PDF

Why The KTET Previous Year Question Papers are Important?

The Kerala TET exams, scheduled from June 21st to June 25th, 2024, are organized by the Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan in consecutive order. These exams cover four main categories, with KTET Category 3 intended for aspiring High School Teachers. Candidates need majors in specified subjects and a Government of Kerala recognized Education degree. This article provides KTET Category 3 question papers PDFs to help candidates prepare. Analyzing previous year question papers is crucial as they provide insights into the exam. Many candidates neglect attempting previous year papers, leading to stress during the actual exam. Model questions can help map out the KTET Category 3 exam pattern.

KTET hall tickets 2024 can be downloaded from the Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan official website starting April 25th, 2024. The admit card will contain details about the exam center, timings, and required documents.

KTET Category 3 Question Papers PDF

KTET Category 3 Psychology Question Paper PDF

Question paper & year Question Papers PDF
KTET Category 3-Psychology Exam 2021

The KTET Category 3 Psychology paper covers three main topics: Adolescent Psychology, Theories of Learning, and Teaching Aptitude. These sections are collectively worth 40 marks and hold more weightage compared to the first Language portions. Here’s a breakdown of each category:

A) Adolescent Psychology: This section focuses on the nature and characteristics of Adolescence, their developmental needs, and major developmental theories by Piaget, Bruner, Freud, Erikson, and Kohlberg. It also explores their classroom implications.

B) Theories of Learning: Here, the nature and concept of learning, factors affecting learning, creativity, and theories of learning, including the inclusion of children with special needs, are discussed.

C) Teaching Aptitude: This section covers the nature and objectives of teaching, the role of the Teacher as a motivator, counselor, facilitator, democratic leader, and mentor. It also includes methods and techniques of teaching, classroom management, skills in planning, understanding the teacher’s personality, and teaching and learning as contextualized in NCF 2005, KCF 2007, and RTE Act 2009.

KTET Category 3 Language-I Question Paper PDF

Question paper & year Question Papers PDF
KTET Category 3-Malayalam Exam 2021 Download

In the KTET Category 3 exam, candidates can select their First Language paper from Malayalam, English, Tamil, or Kannada. This paper holds a weightage of 30 marks out of the total 150 marks. The question patterns for each language are outlined as follows:

A) Malayalam – അവധാരണം (ഗദ്യം), അവധാരണം (പദ്യം), ആശയവിനിമയം, ഭാഷാജ്ഞാനം
B) English – Comprehension, Elements of Language, Communication
C) Tamil – Reading Comprehension (Prose), Reading Comprehension (Poem), Elements of Language, Communication
D) Kannada – Reading Comprehension (Prose), Reading Comprehension (Poem), Elements of Language, Communication

KTET Category 3 Subject Specific Areas: Question Paper PDF

Question papers & years Question Papers PDF
KTET Category 3-Hindi Exam 2021 Download
KTET Category 3-English Exam 2021 Download

The subject-specific areas hold great importance in the KTET Category 3 exams, constituting just over 50% of the total score. Candidates can choose from various subjects such as Malayalam, English, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu, Sanskrit, Physical Science, Natural Science, Mathematics, and Social Science. It’s noteworthy that qualifying K3 does not guarantee qualification for K4, as indicated in the notification released by the Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan.

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